Course Selection

Students and parents are asked to carefully and thoughtfully plan the student’s schedule each year. It is important to remember that this is a portion of your long range high school plan. Future coursework, post secondary education and career goals are impacted by the choices you make during course selection. It is important that students realistically consider their abilities, interests and goals in choosing their courses. Schedule changes should not be necessary if careful planning and good decision making is done. Requests for schedule changes will be allowed for up to two weeks after the semester begins. After two weeks, schedule changes are not allowed.

Reasons for a schedule change include: 1) Teacher / counselor / administrator recommendation for a change based on ability of student. 2) Ineligibility to take the course.

Important scheduling notes: 1) Students are required to keep all periods and teachers as assigned. 2) WSD cannot guarantee the availability of courses.

Graduation Requirements

Health Education0.5
Social Studies3.0
P. E.1.5
Required Courses5.5

Required Courses