Graduation Requirements

In accordance with Wisconsin Statutes 118.30, DPI Policy IKF, and the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards, WSD students must meet the following graduation criteria to qualify for the WSD diploma.

A student must accumulate a minimum of 23.5 credits to graduate from WSD:

English 7.0
Health Education 0.5
Mathematics 3.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies 3.0
P. E. 1.5
Required Courses 5.5
Total 23.5


A course that meets five days a week for one semester is awarded 0.5 of a credit. If the course meets every day for the full school year it is awarded 1.0 of credits. A student must carry eight classes each semester.

Additionally, students must pass all required courses and necessary electives. Students earning failing grades in that class will be required to repeat the class until they earn a passing grade.

Students have the opportunity to take classes at Delavan Darien High School (DDHS) per approval from their local educational agency (LEA) and the Delavan Darien School District. This option should be explored with the student and the classes should relate to the student’s transitional goal during the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process. The IEP team will review the individual student request and appropriateness of approval will be made at an IEP meeting.

Academic Performance

High school students must pass classes with a 60% or better to earn credit. Failure to do so requires retake of courses to meet graduation credit requirements.


Attendance of 170 school days or more during the student’s senior school year is required. This is the equivalent of 10 days allowable absence during the school year. (See the attendance policy for attendance/truancy explanations in Parent/Student Handbook).

Board Recommendations

In the event a student does not meet all of the graduation requirements during the senior school year, a student may still be eligible for graduation based on the recommendation of the WSD High School Board. The High School Board recommendations will be based on majority ruling. When WSD graduation criteria have not been met, the HS Board will consider the following performance indicators in recommending graduation or retention.

  1. Receipt of passing scores in specific subject areas.
  2. Development of a portfolio that illustrates proficiency and growth.
  3. Attainment of model academic standards.
  4. Testimony to a student’s success in class work, extra-curricular, and community service.
  5. Completion of a specified course of study through summer school.

Graduation Ineligibility

A student who has not achieved WSD graduation policy criteria is ineligible for a WSD diploma. Such a student may return to WSD until the age of 21 to receive remediation for low achievement, poor attendance, lack of social and/or physical maturity, refusal to meet course/curriculum, requirements, or low motivation.

A meeting with the student’s parents and school district will occur to discuss the basis of the student’s ineligibility for diploma. Documentation of ineligibility will be completed and kept in the student’s cumulative file.

In the event a student does not qualify for a WSD diploma based on WSD graduation policy criteria, he/she may be eligible for his/her home school district diploma. To be eligible for a home school district diploma, the student will be required to satisfy the graduation policy criteria identified in their local school district graduation policy.

Diploma Options

Students attending the Wisconsin School for the Deaf (WSD) are considered to be working on their diploma from WSD. In accordance with Wisconsin Statutes, students may opt to earn their home school district diploma rather than a WSD diploma while in attendance at WSD. If a student wants to earn their local school district diploma, an IEP meeting must be arranged to discuss this option. The IEP team will need to review graduation credit requirements from their local schools as requirements are often different than the requirements at WSD.

Students selecting their local school district diploma are eligible for local school district scholarships and awards but may not be eligible for WSD scholarships and awards. Students who select a WSD diploma are eligible for both WSD and their local school district scholarships and awards.