Educational placement at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf (WSD) is an Individualized Education Program (IEP) decision. The first step is for a parent/legal guardian to contact the student’s Local Education Agency (LEA) to express their interest in WSD enrollment. A tour of WSD is strongly encouraged before taking the first step. If you would like a tour of WSD, call the school office at VP:262-725-0097 or V:262-728-7131.

Minimal criteria requirements for potential WSD enrollment:

  • A resident of Wisconsin
  • Eligible for special education services under the special education criteria for Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • Between the ages of 3 and 21 years

The parent/legal guardian must ask the LEA to invite WSD to participate in the meeting to discuss the student’s current educational programming and progress. The LEA should provide WSD an opportunity to review the educational records (including current IEP and recent re-evaluation). An IEP meeting will be scheduled by the local school. During the IEP meeting, the IEP team will determine if WSD may be an appropriate educational placement to support the student’s overall language, communication and educational goals and objectives. The LEA may contact WSD Principal/Director of Student Services by using the contact information below.

If WSD placement is determined, the family will also complete an online registration process as well as completing the medical forms from the Health Center prior to the first day of school.

For additional information, please email or call VP:262-725-0097 or V:262-728-7131.

More information on placement can be found on our special education information update bulletin.