Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports

P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) is a systemic approach to proactive, campus-wide discipline that applies evidence based practices and strategies for all students to increase academic performance, improve safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish a positive school culture. This approach focuses on “catching the child being good,” using “teachable moments,” redirection, and acknowledging accomplishments.

Positive Reinforcements

Rewards include the use of our Firebird Coupons, which are used the same as cash. Students may choose to save them for a high priced item in the Firebird Store or privilege exchange on specific days in the school and dormitory. Special activities are planned in school and in the residence halls for students showing exemplary behavior or noticeable improvement.

Supplemental Supports and Intensive Supports

Available for students having difficulty attaining appropriate behaviors and attitudes following our Universal Support system. Parents and the local school district staff will be involved in this process to help their child achieve success.


Students will be redirected and, if necessary, re-taught expectations without incurring any consequences. However, varying levels of detentions and suspensions (in school, in the dormitory, and at home) are built into the program. Please see the Parent-Student Handbook for a more in-depth explanation of P.B.I.S. at WSD.