We have a dynamic preschool through 12th grade curriculum that is based on the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards as well as the Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts and Math. The curriculum is designed to meet the Wisconsin College and Career Readiness initiative.

Since WSD is a relatively small school, students also have the option of taking advanced placement, foreign language, or technical training courses at local schools and/or area technical colleges.

Licensed teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provide formal academic instruction in small group settings. Our emphasis is on creating rich visual environments that develop and maintain both American Sign Language and English. In addition to core academic subjects (i.e. reading, math, social studies, science, physical education, art) WSD provides specially designed courses that are uniquely tailored to our student population. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed for each student and implemented throughout the education program.

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Educational Resource Library

Elementary students sitting at a library table with teacher and educational assistant.

Wisconsin’s only library for deaf and hard of hearing educational resources, the materials in the WESP-DHH Educational Resource library are available for use by Wisconsin Residents who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind, their families, students, and professionals.

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