Deaf Mentor Program

The Deaf Mentor Program is designed to provide families with opportunities to learn sign vocabulary and American Sign Language. Families are matched with an adult Deaf Mentor to support their child’s communication and language development.

Through this program, families and the child’s educational team will have an opportunity to collaborate with a Deaf Mentor, who is specially trained and fluent in American Sign Language. The Deaf Mentor Program is available at no cost to families and educational team members, of children with a confirmed hearing loss, ages 3 – 21.

Who can request services?

Service requests for the Deaf Mentor and Deaf Mentor First Steps Programs can be made by school district staff, parents, guardians, or other service providers.

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Deaf Mentor First Steps Program

This program is the “first step” towards supporting families and educational members in learning sign language through DMP to increase their knowledge of basic sign language vocabulary.

  • Sign language vocabulary will be taught within 16 sessions.
  • Sessions are 45 – 60 minutes in duration, via technology (see requirements)

Deaf Mentor Program

Families who have benefitted from the DMP First Step Program and wish to continue to improve their sign language ability can participate in the Deaf Mentor Program (DMP). Services focus on the development of ASL skills and visual communication strategies.

  • Sign language vocabulary will be taught with up 100 sessions. Content includes:
    • Principles of American Sign Language
    • Modeling Interactions
    • Deaf Culture / Deaf Community
  • Sessions are 60 – 90 minutes in duration, via in home/technology.

Participation goals for the Deaf Mentor Program include:

  • Increased confidence in American Sign Language (ASL) communication with their child, the Deaf Community, Educational team members, and peers.
  • The ability to identify their child’s communication attempts and to evaluate their child’s strengths in communicating.
  • To have an increased understanding of American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf Culture, and the Deaf Community.
  • To foster collaboration with the educational members.

Program Requirements

  • A webcam or video capacity on their computer, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Kindle Fire, or other device.
  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • Email and web access.
  • Ability to use video conferencing programs (Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, etc.).

Families who do not have access to high-speed internet service can still obtain this service. For more information, contact Program Coordinator, Bonnie Eldred.

Want to know more?

Deaf Mentor Program FAQ

For more information, please contact:
Bonnie Eldred, Mentor Program Consultant, 262-725-0252