Deaf Mentor Program FAQ

Who are the Deaf Mentors?

Deaf Mentors are specially trained Deaf adults who are fluent in American Sign Language and participate in Deaf Community events. Deaf Mentors have been selected for their ability to work with families with young deaf or hard of hearing children and for their flexibility in understanding the variety of educational and communication options available to deaf and hard of hearing children.

What is American Sign Language?

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual-gestural language that is recognized as a true and complete language. The development of ASL can support the development of English skills for deaf and hard of hearing children by providing them with a strong foundation in language and frequent and early opportunities for rich and in-depth communication.

What is Deaf Culture and the Deaf Community?

Deaf Culture includes the language (ASL), values, behaviors and traditions of people who are deaf. This group of people is referred to as the “Deaf Community.” Deaf community members look at deafness as a cultural difference, rather than a disability.