Visit Campus

With the exception of potential students, campus tours have been discontinued until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for your interest in coming to visit the Wisconsin School for the Deaf. In order for you to get what you need from your visit, please consider the five options presented below and contact the corresponding staff member email address.

Visits for Potential Placement

Are you interested in enrolling your child at WSD? Would you like to see what the school is about and what your child’s school day would be like? Contact us to schedule a time to meet with the principal of the school.


  • Reason for visit must be related to the placement of your child in the school.
  • Interpreters provided if needed.
  • Must give at least 2 weeks advance notice of visit.


WSD Tour

Request a tour
This is a guided tour through the entire WSD campus including: Classrooms, gyms, library, dorm, and museum. You will learn about WSD’s history, as well as about deafness, Deaf Culture, and whatever else you can think of! This is a great way to learn about us and what we do.


  • We require a minimum of 3 and maximum of 50 people taking the tour at once, accepted on a case by case basis.
  • Our tour guides are Deaf. If you should need an interpreter, please let us know.
  • Tours can take up to 2 hours and are scheduled between 8 am and noon, Monday through Friday.
  • No background check needed.
  • Dates and times are subject to availability. Dates to avoid:
    • Last 2 weeks in August through second week of September
    • Thanksgiving week through third week of January
    • Memorial Day through graduation day
    • Testing weeks (determined yearly)

Contact: Jessica Robertson,

Classroom Observation

See what it’s like to be a WSD student for a day! This option involves observing a WSD teacher during his/her class(es). You will be able to sit in the class with the students and may even be able to get involved in the classroom instruction.


  • Reason for observation must be for a university course requirement or related directly to your current profession.
  • Background check required (allow up to 5 weeks for processing).
  • Interpreters are available on a limited basis.



Would you be interested in having your internship placement here? Work side by side with a WSD teacher, interpreter, or other staff member and let us teach you the ropes!


  • Internship must be affiliated with an accredited university or technical college.
  • MUST be FLUENT in ASL: You are able to have fluid conversation with a native deaf person without difficulty.
  • Background check required (allow up to 5 weeks for processing).
  • Application process may be required.
  • Internship placement must coincide with your major and your major must be related to deafness.
  • Teacher, Educational Assistant, Interpreter, and Pupil Services internships are available.

Contact: Heather Costner,