We understand the importance of family and transport our students to/from their home area each weekend. Students are transported via coach buses to assure they are comfortable and have access to a restroom. Students who live in the northern most areas of the state are transported via airplane to allow the family as much time together as possible each week. All buses/planes have chaperones fluent in ASL to allow open communication and provide for the students’ safety.

If students want to visit each other’s homes on the weekend, we must receive parental permission from all by Wednesday of the week the visit is being planned. Visiting is permitted only with the appropriate permissions and seat availability on the bus/plane involved.

The transportation schedule for the school year may be accessed on our events calendar. Or you may download a PDF of the schedule.

For questions relating to transportation please contact:
Krista Schwent, Transportation Coordinator, 262-728-7191 (TTY/V)