Student Life FAQ

How old do students need to be to attend WSD as residential students?
Student must be at least 5 years old and full day Kindergarten ready.

What does my child need to bring?
Each student is required to bring sufficient clothing for the week, as well as shower sandals, personal care/hygiene items, and appropriate outer wear for the weather. (Extra shoes & clothing are encouraged.)

If my child stays in the dormitory, what do I need to provide for the room?
WSD will provide bed linens, blankets, bedspreads, towels, washcloths, and a pillow. However, we strongly encourage their own personal bedding as it will make their room feel more homelike and comfortable. Sheets are required on beds at all times. Sleeping bags are not allowed unless unzipped and used as a blanket. Personal decoration, family photos, etc. all enrich their environment.

Dormitory bedrooms are set up with two twin-sized beds, two closets, two dressers, and two desks. We generally have two students to a room but when numbers allow, we are also able to have students in a room alone.

What items are students permitted to have in their bedroom?
Students are encouraged to decorate their residential rooms with personal decorations and family photos to make them more homelike. However, certain restrictions are necessary for the health/safety of all students.

  • Posters of males or females being viewed as sexual objects or in violent or degrading acts, and posters promoting substance use or abuse or gang related material will not be allowed.
  • No changes will be made to any electrical device (e.g. no colored light bulbs or black lights in overhead fixtures).
  • Mini-refrigerators, small televisions, DVD/Blu-ray players, game consoles, etc. are permitted at the high school level only. Please check with a residential advisor for permission before bringing any items to WSD.

May students change roommates if they are having problems?
If attempts have been unsuccessful to resolve roommate issues, then students may be reassigned. We do advocate that each student attempt to resolve conflicts before changes are considered.

How much money should I send along for my child’s weekly allowance, and who do I give it to?

  • Elementary – approximately $5.00
  • Middle School – approximately $10.00
  • High School – approximately $10.00

We ask that cash and/or checks (made out to WSD) be given to the Student Life staff or your child’s bus chaperone.

Must I pay for my child’s meals?
No, WSD provides three meals a day for students staying in the dorm.

May students have their own snacks and where do they keep them?
Snacks are provided for our students through our cafeteria here on campus. We also encourage students to bring their own snacks from home and recommend healthy foods. Elementary and middle school snacks must be kept in containers in the kitchen area. High school students are permitted to keep snacks in their bedroom.

Will my child be allowed to go off-campus alone?
All students must have staff permission to leave campus. 7th and 8th grade students are required to have three students of the same gender in a group to leave campus. This is allowed once a week with parents’ signed permission. High school students are required to have two students of the same gender in a group to leave campus. If your child wants to leave campus with the opposite gender in their group, your child must have parental signed permission.

Who should I contact regarding transportation?
Transportation methods for residential students include charter bus, air travel and campus pickup by parents/local bus service. The dorm transportation coordinator handles the charter bus and plane transportation. The coordinator will work with parents to determine what bus stop works best for drop off/pick up.

Parents may contact the office with any changes regarding their child’s transportation needs. The office is open Monday- Friday, from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The contact number is (262) 728-7191.

Students who are picked up/dropped off at WSD by either family or their home school district weekly are considered “campus pick up.” All campus pick up transportation is handled by the school secretary who may be reached at (262) 728-7131, Monday- Friday, during school hours.

How often do students go home?
WSD students go home every weekend and for holidays (with some exceptions reflected in the school-year calendar).

How does the school accommodate children who live too far away to attend on a daily basis?
Approximately 80 percent of the students who attend WSD stay on campus during the week and go home each weekend. There is no cost to families for supervised living quarters, meals, or transportation.

How does WSD address safety?
WSD takes great pride in providing a safe and secure environment. All WSD employees must undergo a criminal background check. All visitors on campus must check-in at the appropriate office area for registration and identification check. WSD has a written safety plan and procedural guide for responding to all types of emergencies, including weather-related situations.

Who will watch my child after school and throughout the night?
Each dorm floor has assigned staff who supervise the students after school hours until they return to school the following morning. A minimum of one overnight residential advisor stays awake throughout the night making required rounds and bed checks to ensure the safety of the students. Each overnight residential Advisor is required to complete a night report/checklist of all students throughout their shift.

What if my child gets homesick or I want to talk with my child?
Our dorm is equipped with video phones for student use. If a student becomes homesick, we encourage them to contact their parents. Staff will also communicate any concerns with the school and Pupil Services Team.

Are the students allowed to have cell phones?
Yes, students may bring their cell phones and pagers, but they must follow WSD guidelines for electronic device usage. WSD is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

What if my child needs medicine, becomes injured, or ill while at school?
WSD’s Student Health Center has a registered nurse on duty 24-hours a day during the school week and for all major stay weekends. WSD nurses collaborate with parents and health care providers in managing medication and health care. In the event of minor illness or injury, the nursing staff follows protocols and standing orders from our school physician to care for students. For urgent issues and emergencies, WSD will contact parents and will transport the student to the hospital or call 911 as needed. Surgeries, x-rays, physical exams, dental work, and other tests must be done by a student’s own health care provider.

May local students participate in after-school activities?
Yes, parents of local students need to let the Student Life office know ahead of time when their child will remain at the school/dorm to participate in sports practices or after-school events.

May I visit my child at the dorm?
We welcome and encourage parents and/or family members to visit WSD. If you choose to take your child off-campus for dinner or another activity, you must first inform the staff on your child’s floor.

Can local students sleep overnight in the dorm?
Students living within a 30-mile radius will be considered local students. WSD strives to provide local WSD students access to opportunities to increase communication, intellectual, physical, and social/emotional skills by participating in after school activities. Local students are subject to residency limitations and must meet the criteria set forth below:

  • Bed availability
  • Student-to-staff ratio
  • Acceptable behavior
  • Social, emotional, and communication needs
  • Distance

Non-residential local students are encouraged to participate in residence hall activities. However, student-to-staff ratios will be considered. The Directors of Residential Life and the Residential Advisors, reserve the right to grant visitation at their discretion.

Does WSD offer opportunities for students to participate in organized sports?
Yes, students who attend WSD may participate in football, volleyball, basketball, track, and other extracurricular activities. From time-to-time, WSD also hosts regional tournaments with schools from other states.