Parent & Staff Association


Parent Staff Association (PSA) is the parent and staff organization at Wisconsin School for the Deaf (WSD). Our goal is to foster the collaboration between parents, staff, and students through education, sports, and extracurricular activities in school and dorm life. PSA strives to financially support a variety of educational and social opportunities for all students at WSD. The goal of these experiences is to inspire and strengthen the morale of our staff and students.

All families of WSD students are eligible and encouraged to become members of PSA. We are scheduled to meet 5 times throughout each school year. Interpreters and childcare are available. We welcome your presence and input at any and all meetings. If you are unable to attend regularly, but are interested in helping with events, please let us know! We are proud to announce that we have an Event Coordinator on the team.

We could not accomplish the things we do without the assistance of the parents and staff who volunteer, offering their time and talent for one or many events each year.

You can stay connected to all the awesome things we do by requesting to join our private WSD Parent & Staff Association Facebook group.

You may also contact us at

Thank you,
PSA Board