Request for Internships

Every year, WSD receives several requests to accommodate student interns – both from education programs as well as interpreter training programs. We try to honor all requests for placement. The following is the procedure for requesting placement at WSD for an internship.

  1. The university (or college) coordinator must contact WSD’s Director of Instruction no sooner than the semester prior to the anticipated internship dates.
  2. The coordinator and WSD’s Director of Instruction will discuss the specific requirements of the internship (grade level experience sought, course requirements, etc.) as well as specifics unique to each candidate.
  3. WSD’s Director of Instruction will send the coordinator necessary background check paperwork. The intern must complete and submit these forms (and receive approval from the Department of Public Instruction) at least 2 months prior to the beginning of internship.
  4. WSD’s Director of Instruction will determine internship placements based on grade preferences, teacher experience/qualification, and unique requirements of the intern.
  5. WSD’s Director of Instruction will contact both the coordinator and student intern with more detailed information regarding WSD rules, policies, and procedures as well as the contact information for the cooperating teacher/staff.