Student Transition and Employability Program (S.T.E.P.)

WSD offers a one year transition program for those deaf and hard of hearing graduating seniors who may not have received all of the transition services in their home school district during their 4 high school years. This program is designed for those students who are 18-21 who are not quite ready for life after high school on their own. Students in these classes take Life Skills Reading, Writing, Math, Employment Skills, Future’s Planning and Work Study classes. Their afternoons typically involve working at a job to gain the work skills they will need to be a successful employee.

After school activities include numerous social and academic clubs and WIAA athletics (unless they are 19 years old by August 1st). Additionally, students who reside in the dorm gain the home living skills they need to live in their home communities on their own. The dorm offers them a structured independence that they and you will appreciate.

Please contact 262-740-2066 for more information.