Senior Athlete Spotlight: LEVANTE SANDERS

Senior Athlete Spotlight: Levante Sanders
1. How long have you played sports? I have been playing sports since seventh grade, so it has been a total of 6 years of sports on the teams.
2. What other clubs, sports, or activities have you been a part of at WSD? I’ve included basketball, track, and football.
3. What is your favorite sports memory? I have several favorite sports memories. Football: I was crossing up Illinois players down the field. Basketball: Players got stuck on the court, so I had to make an opening, but I was pressed to the corner ending up shooting out from the corner behind the hoop and made it. Track: Freshman year, I was in the first heat for 110 hurdle and won 3rd place as the 1st and 2nd were seniors.
4. What is your advice to younger athletes? “When you dream, you can have the passion to feel the abilities to achieve greatness, Keep that passion for the will that will always find ways through obstacles you face, However not wrong choices.
5. What do you miss most about WSD now that you are attending virtual school? I do admit I miss seeing everyone’s personality. That’s fun for me to learn how y’all do. Also the spirit that everyone tries to pass on each other, especially our last pep rally.
6. What are your future plans after WSD? My plans is to work as I attend to MATC at Madison for general education. Furthermore, transfer to the UW in Madison for the specific field of physics I’m interested in.  Save money, get a car too. 

Food: BBQ foods
Movie:The IP Man, 1,2,3 and 4.
Pro Athlete: Kobe Bryant
Class: Math- algebra, geometry, and trigs