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Drama Club

Seven Tales from One _ _ _ _ _ _

FREE Admission

Open to the General Public
Thursday, December 20th, 2018 at 7pm

Oh no! The handshapes are missing! The Star Reporter will guide you to each country to find the missing handshapes. This play will share Seven Tales From One _ _ _ _ _ in an interactive way. You will need to figure out the Star Reporter's message.

Come and join our trip around the world!

All performances are presented in American Sign Language with English voice interpretation.

The WSD Drama Club strives to "Bring Drama to Life" by:

  • Producing 2 performances each school year.
    • Elementary students host the winter production.
    • Middle school and high school students host the spring production.
  • Developing each student's familiarity and ability with:
    • WI State Academic Standards for Theatre, including, but not limited to:
      • audition process,
      • reading & analyzing scripts,
      • basic acting skills,
      • and stage management.
    • self-discipline.
    • hard work.
    • problem solving.
    • creativity.
    • self-confidence.
  • Creating shows that model bilingual & bicultural practices.
    • Using American Sign Language with voiced English interpretation.