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Outreach Services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind supports children who are deaf, hard of hearing, and deafblind by providing a broad array of services, programs, and information for families and the educational community.



Outreach Services for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind is committed to collaborating, bridging connections, and building capacity statewide with the students, families and educational teams we serve throughout Wisconsin.



  • Student Centered
  • Dedicated and Comprehensive
  • Supportive, Informative, and Balanced
  • Collaborative
  • Respectful and Responsive
  • Demonstrating Best Practice for communication, education, and access


Upcoming Events

Week of Jun 16th
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
June 16, 2019

Category: GeneralAll Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

All Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

Category: GeneralAll Day: Got Skills? Camp

All Day: Got Skills? Camp
June 17, 2019

Category: GeneralAll Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

All Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

Category: GeneralAll Day: Got Skills? Camp

All Day: Got Skills? Camp
June 18, 2019

Category: GeneralAll Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

All Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

Category: GeneralAll Day: Got Skills? Camp

All Day: Got Skills? Camp
June 19, 2019

Category: GeneralAll Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

All Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

Category: GeneralAll Day: Got Skills? Camp

All Day: Got Skills? Camp
June 20, 2019

Category: GeneralAll Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

All Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

Category: GeneralAll Day: Got Skills? Camp

All Day: Got Skills? Camp

Category: General10:00 am: Hand-N-Hand Outing: Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve

10:00 am: Hand-N-Hand Outing: Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve
June 21, 2019

Category: GeneralAll Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

All Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

Category: GeneralAll Day: Got Skills? Camp

All Day: Got Skills? Camp

Category: Outreach SponsoredAll Day: 2019 WAD Conference

All Day: 2019 WAD Conference
June 22, 2019

Category: GeneralAll Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

All Day: WisCorps American Sign Language Crew

Category: GeneralAll Day: Got Skills? Camp

All Day: Got Skills? Camp

Category: Outreach SponsoredAll Day: 2019 WAD Conference

All Day: 2019 WAD Conference

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